Hi Team
I am getting following lock message in my TimesTen server running on Sun
[TimesTen][TimesTen 4.5.33 ODBC Driver][TimesTen]TT6003: Lock request denied because of time-out|
Details: Tran 2.540531169 (pid 2735) wants X lock (from Un) on hash value 0x164d994a, table ROOT.ACCOUNT. But tran 9.540531152 (pid 2735) ha
s it in Sn. -- file "hindex.c", lineno 1186, procedure "sbHixGetCursorFirstFetchLocks()" [Command execution of statement <DebitAccount: Upda
te subscriber units> failed.]
Error code TT6003 occured becoz it waited for a time period of 30 sec(deafult) to get the locks and then it throws TT6003.
->I want to know how many locks are configured and how can I increased them.
->TimeTen says it has no of locks per transaction ! what does that mean anyway ??

Folks plz help me.
Thanx in advance.