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    Unanswered: MIS server information


    First of all I need to confess that I am a novice in this field. Now, let me elaborate my query.

    We are having 40 different sites across the country, running on IDS 7.3.
    We, the central headquarters are also running on IDS 7.3. Now, we are going to implement the MIS. We are purchasing the Linux Suse server. And also, for the implementation of MIS, we had already installed 4 Linux servers, 1 for mail server, 1 for backup of mail server, 1 for web server and the other for backup of web server. We are using PHP for implementation of mail and web server. Now, coming into the MIS part, for successful implementation, all the information from 40 sites need to be compiled in the headquarters. These all should be in web format.

    My query is, which one will be the best platform for the successful implementation. Again, we are purchasing Informix 10, though we don't know the advanced features of Informix 10. Whether any inbuilt web applications are available, so that any extra burden doesn't pose upon us for compilation of reports from 40 sites. Some propose php (as it is already running in web & mail server), some propose jscript and so on. Recently, a marketing executive from Microsoft has given us a demo about Microsoft BizTalk Server. He was proposing the concept of directly linking the fields of specified tables with our table's field from all the 40 sites. But I am not sure which is the best. So, I thought better I would consult the great master minds. I know, I will get the correct reply from you.

    Please do note that we are running on IDS 7.3 and are going to migrate to IDS 10. If any egl concept is going to work automatically in web format, we will be pleased to implement that in all of our 40 sites with IDS 10. Also, please let me know the advanced features of Informix 10 also. And, if any further information is required, please let me know....

    Thanks in advance...
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    Should that to know well you business to give a correct answer, take these answers as possible roads to it take of decision. Suggest you that migrate of version 7 to 9 and then to 10, IS NOT recommendable to migrate directly from 7 to 10.
    Suse, Fedora or Debian,.... are good operating system. Choose a good hardware, with a lot of memory, a lot of processors and great quantity of axes, to be able to distribute the load of the database and then observe on that operating system can run all this.


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    Hi Mr. Gurey,

    Thank you for your advice and also sorry for the delay of my reply. But again I am sorry to intimate that We had already purchased the Informix 10 and the s/w is on the way. As per as the part of memory, hardware and processors are concerned they are far better. I wanted to know which s/w would be the best front end for IDS 10. Whether you would recommend php/jscipt/etc....

    And also please let me be informed the advanced features of Informix 10.

    Thank you well in advance......

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