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    Unanswered: need help.. new to database / MySQL work.

    Working on a project for college and I need a database connection.

    Running MySQL 4.1

    I understand databases, and I understand (a fair level) VB. But even after trying to read up from a dozen differnet google searches.. I don't understand how to combine the two... hell I'm probably worse off then I was to begin with.

    From the looks of things I may need to download some drivers or something? Well.. If someone could help walk me though setting up a connection, and managing data handling.. I'd greatly apreciate it.

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    Go to MySQL's site & download their latest ODBC drivers for their v4.1 database & install the driver.

    Then, you'll need to create a connection string for your app. Check out Carl Prothman's Connection String Site.

    Finally, using ADO, declare and instanciate the ADO objects you'll need (connection, recordset, etc.) Ref this ADO Tutorial - it's a good starting point.
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