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    Unanswered: Access 2002 DB...Hosting?

    Rookie here...glad i found this goes..

    Created Access 2002 database...gonna use database splitter...
    whats the best way to host this thing..
    we have 2 different office locations and we were thinking of using a
    VPN...not sure how to implement..or is there a better route...
    need some serious advice and possible directions...

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    Rookie, huh? What's a database splitter? You may want to get a book - there's a lot to know and consider with your question.

    Unless you're an internet secerity expert, you'll want to setup some sort of direct, or private network: VPN, Citrix, hardwired, etc. How far apart are the offices - if they're in the same city, you can probably get a direct line from your ISP.

    Good luck!


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    Not too much of a rookie...

    Thought of using a VPN...offices are about 30 miles apart...
    Got a network security guy here to enforce...

    Also thought of using Access as front-end and MYSQL as secure server...

    not sure which route to take....

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