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    Unanswered: lock table for insert with increment number

    Hi !!
    here's my problem with DB2 version 7.1 (zos, cobol, cics transaction)
    I have a table client which contains 3 cols (id_client, sequence_number, data)
    the primary key is id_client and sequence number.
    When i created a new row and a new client, the sequence_number = 1
    When i created a new row with old client, the sequence_number = (max of sequence number of the same id_client +1).
    The solution is :
    1/ to do a select max of sequence_number
    2/ add 1 to this sequence_number
    3/ make the insert.
    But i'm afraid if there are 2 persons who do the same things at the same time, they will have the same sequence number. What about concurrency ?
    Thanks a lot.

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    or create a sequence and retrieve this unique nbr or
    select .... for update --> this will acquire a higher lock and avoid any other application to do a select.. (lock wait)
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    If you retrieve a duplicate sequence number, you will get an RI error when you try the insert since you have a PK, so there will be no data integrity problem. You can code retry logic if that specific error code is returned (duplicate PK).
    M. A. Feldman
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