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    Talking Unanswered: How to write to text file instead of viewing data in listview?

    Hi all . I have a search result that is outputed to listview in my vb6 form and i wonder how i can write the output data in to text file which is readable instead of showing it listview. I be happy if an expert show me how .Thanks

    Here is my code that displays data in lisview . I want the data to be writen in text file instead:

    Private Sub cReg_SearchFound(ByVal sRootKey As String, ByVal sKey As String, ByVal sValue As Variant, ByVal lFound As FOUND_WHERE)
       Dim lvItm As ListItem
       Select Case lFound
             Case FOUND_IN_KEY_NAME
                  sTemp = "KEY_NAME"
             Case FOUND_IN_VALUE_NAME
                  sTemp = "VALUE NAME"
             Case FOUND_IN_VALUE_VALUE
                  sTemp = "VALUE VALUE"
       End Select
       With ListView1
           Set lvItm = .ListItems.Add(, , sTemp)
           lvItm.SubItems(1) = sRootKey
           lvItm.SubItems(2) = sKey
           lvItm.SubItems(3) = sValue
       End With   Set lvItm = Nothing
    End Sub

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    As a first step, you will need to define the format of the file; that is, how the data will be stored in the text file. I would think that the standard, comma separated variable (csv) format would be applicable.

    Then, as a second step, take a look at this File I/O Tutorial over at our sister-site for info on actually reading and writing files using VB.
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