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    Unanswered: SendObject - Formatting

    I am using Access and Outlook 2003 and the SendObject command in my script does everything I want it to: the data and everything comes up but the message is plain text. Of course, the staff who are going to be using this wants it "prettier". I do not want an attachment. How can I output the result of the email message as a formattable text?
    Here is the sendObject code:
    DoCmd.SendObject acSendNoObject, " ", "HTML", strTO, , , strSubject, strText, True

    My other thought going into a more "self service" route would be to have a file containing the formatted version that is desired and then use that rather than define the text within the VBA code itself as a string (strText). If someone wanted to change the text (ie different name to contact) then they could do this within the file itself. I know this is two questions within a single post but there seems to be a lacking of info in the detail of the possibilities of the SendObject command.

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    I'm not positive, but I believe SedObject is pretty vanilla in what it can do. Outlook 2003 (not Express mind you) exposes it programming objects in VBA, however. You can use run Outlook from Access through Automation.

    Warning, however: I think they kept the developers of Outlook locked in the basement for too many years. Even though Microsoft has managed to get a certain level of consistency in the VBA side of it's office apps, Outlook is a bit, shall we say, weird. It's a steep learning curve.

    If you want to pursue this path, this forum and MSDN both offer lots of info, examples and sample code.

    good luck

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