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    Unanswered: Rebalance database in filesystems

    I need to move database from currently on 8 filesystems
    to new 6 filesystems on the same server
    How do I rebalance the data on 6 containers?

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    redirected restore..when you do a redirected restore, you have an option to redefine tablespace containers..point them to new filesystems..

    or export the data in the tables to a dir
    extract ddl for db using db2look
    modify the tablespace ddl using the new filesystems as containers
    save db cfg
    drop the db
    recreate db
    execute the ddl
    load the data back
    run set integrity
    reset db cfg parameters

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    backup db
    reswore db with redirect

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    Other alternatives are to use RELOCATEDB, ALTER TABLESPACE DROP CONTAINER …
    Sorry, but your may have to give more details like version, operating system, container layout (say, you have 8 containers and want to reduce to 6 containers, or you have some tablespaces with containers that are in the file systems) to see if these will be any good

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