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    Unanswered: How to send emails or trigger asp pages or php pages


    I am using asp+access to build a website.

    I want to send newsletters to people who subscribed at a time specified by them.

    Suppose I want my newsletters to come at 3:00am on 14th dec every year.

    the database has a table with

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    Lookup SendObject or search (here and MSDN) for code on using Outlook through Automation.

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    It depends entirely on how you see your system working
    you could send you email via the web site or via a local machine.

    its unlikely that your webserver will run outlook

    the problem is always going to be the timing issue.
    you could get your web app to check if its past the threshold to send the broadcast and then trigger it as a separate process. depends on how you intend to capture and then send the content

    a better solution may be to control your braodcast email using an access process kicked off by windwos scheduler. you can set times and dates quite ahppily there
    you will need to develop the process that fires off your emails (it will probably be a mix of macros & vba functions).
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