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    Unanswered: Database triggers an email???


    I am using asp+mysql to build a website.

    I want to send newsletters to people who subscribed at a time specified by them.

    Suppose I want my newsletters to come at 3:00am on 14th dec every year.

    the database has a table with

    Vivian Aranha

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    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but mysql only responds to queries and has no way to execute anything on a scheduled basis.

    Normally, to accomplish what you want, you would write an ASP script to query the database and send out an email for those records that have a date/time in the past. Then you schedule your script to run, say every 5 minutes. Since you have ASP, I will assume you are on a windows operating system. The normal way to schedule a script to run on Windows is to use the task scheduler.

    Hope this helps...

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