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    Unanswered: import question

    I have a excel comma seperated file with 2 columns.

    Column A contains names and Column B contains zips.

    The problem is Column A is not consistent in it's structure. Some columns only contain one name where others contain two names just by last name seperated by a space or a slash.

    For example


    I'm trying to clean the data before importing into a sql table. I want to seperate the records for column A where there are two names and move the second name to a new row. Is there a method to do this during the import? Or, within Excel prior to the import using replace? I want to find instances where there is a space or slash and move the name after the space or slash and move to a new row?


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    I think in Excel you can do a text to column and put "/" or space as the delimitter

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    Instead of leaning up just import the fist column in a temporary table and clean it by using substring and charindex.

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