Hi everyone,

My organization decided to converts its all Coldfusion and Classic ASP pages to ASP.NET using C#. I have done some work in ASP.NET and I have attended few sessions of CMAP. They ask me to comiple an analysis document which will contain:
1. Should we use 1.0 Plate Form or 2.0? Give the reason for each (why one and not the other)
2. Should we use Web services alot or avoid it as much we could? Please remember that my firm is very much concern with Direct assess to Data Ware House and presently we are using third party tool (sequelink server for oracle) to talk to Data ware house.
3. What is the best approch to convert an application to ASP.NET web application (Any documentations etc)?

I don't have any clue, where to start and what to start first.

Any help will be highly appreciated.