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    Unanswered: Recursive data with multiple hierarchical level

    There is a scenario, where user are associated with different groups and groups have super-groups and sub-groups.

    The work assignments are divided into multiple tasks, which could be assigned at user level as well as group level, with could be a sub-group or super-group or both.

    I'm able to do my select using rdbms-specific queries but unable to find a common sql, which would work for DB2, Oracle and SQL server.

    Any input is welcome. Thanks.

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    are you talking about Oracle's CONNECT BY feature?

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    If you post your query, or a simplified version thereof, maybe someone could convert it to standard SQL.
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    Thanks for the responses!

    Yes. 'CONNECT BY PRIOR' was one the issue. But, the issue is resolved by creating a 'view' to list work-items and associated users.

    Thanks again.

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