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    Unanswered: Paradox Application from 1993

    My customer is running a Paradox home built application that was first used in 1993. They state they were told the application is ODBC Compliant.

    My question is does anyone know what version of Paradox was most current in 1992/1993 when this application was developed?

    Do you think that the current ODBC drivers within Windows2000 and XP will support this type of application? The ODBC Drivers I see on these machines support Paradox 4.1 and 5. I have no idea how old these itnerafaces are or if these drivers will support legacy versions of Paradox prior to 4.1.

    Please educate me... I want to have some level of confidence before I go on-site and try to make a connection string only to fail miserably.

    Thanks --- Jim

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    No Problem

    The ODBC drivers for the current BDE will support legacy versions of paradox all the way back to dos version 3.5

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    Hi, The ODBC drivers that Microsoft supply will work with Paradox tables back from 1992/1993.

    If you know the table formats are Paradox 5 or Paradox 7 then you will need the BDE and/or a 3rd party driver such as the Intersolv ODBC drivers if you don't have Paradox.


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    Paradox Application from 1993

    The Paradox database may be Paradox 5.0 or before so that you can use with the odbc driver come with 98,2000,xp.

    From John Lam
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