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    Unanswered: Link Pictures (.jpg) to Table

    I download data and pictures in one program from a RETS server.

    All of the data is in text format and imports perfectly.

    The pictures however are stored in subfolders with unique two digit
    non- sequential numbers.

    Each record in the table has a unique number (S454668, etc).

    If there are more than one picture to a single record then each additional picture will increase the last two digits of the unique number. Whew! Not sure I understand this.

    Any ideas on how to link the pictures (In folders) to the unique numbers in each record?

    Thanks much . . . Rick

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    Pictures are stored in a separate table or at least information on where and how to access the pictures are stored there and are called into the field for viewing by the database. I am not sure I understand your question relative to paradox.

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