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    Running an .exe file on IIS webserver

    Does someone how can I make an exe file run on IIS webserver ?
    I want, from my webbrower, to target (reference) a file with extension .xyz on the webserver and submit it to an exe file on the same webserver.
    After the processing is completed, I want the IIS get the output sent to the stdout and sent it back to the browswer.
    Thank You for the help.
    Mr. Abud

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    you could prolly pull it off using asp with a database and a vbscript.

    user opens asp page and inputs target file info
    user submits form
    asp adds file info to database

    you webserver will need to run a always-on script to notice the database change.
    When a target file is found, have the script retrieve the file info.
    The script then run the exe /w the file info.
    Have the exe update the db with the output or write the output to a file and have the script retrieve the info and update the db.

    the asp script will have to refresh to be able to retrieve the updated data.
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