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    Angry Unanswered: Database Load

    I have dump of two databases of same name e.g. MyDatabase on tape. I want to load these two databases on a new server with two different names like MyDatabase1 & MyDatabase2. Can someone suggest how could I do this?

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    //edit: I seem to have misread your question.
    If I got it right, you have 2 dumps of the same database, and you want those loaded in 2 separate databases.

    You should first create the two databases MyDatabase1 & MyDatabase2 on the new server, with the appropriate size etcetera.
    Then, issue the 'load database'-commands for both databases, using the first dump on tape for MyDatabase1, and the second dump for MyDatabase2.

    If necessary, you can copy the two dumps to separate files on disk (dump1 & dump2) before loading.
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    you can using service setting on server is :

    -x tcpip(serverport=2368) -n <server name> <database path> // for one database

    -x tcpip(serverport=2369) -n <server name> <database path> // for another database

    and on client odbc with following setting :

    server name : <server name>
    start line : c:\Program Files\Sybase\Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.0\win32\dbsrv6.exe -c 8m -x tcpip

    you can save following entry in asasrv.ini file at client end:

    [server name]
    Address= // for one database

    [server name]
    Address= // for another database


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