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    I am trying to round up the results of the calculation on the form. We put in an annual salary, and the hour salary fill in automatically (calculation from the annual salary field). I want the hourly salary to round up, but when i try to use the roundup function, i get the error "The object doesn't contian the automation object 'roundup'" Any suggestions? When i follow the help link they tell me to search for a file on my computer, which I do, and the file is there.

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    You can get that error if there is a missing reference. Open any module and look in Tools/References and make sure there are none MISSING.

    Second, try using the function in code behind, say, a command button and put the result in the Debug window or a message box - just to narrow down where the problem is.

    Good luck

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    What is the roundup function? Is it one you have written yourself?
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    ur codings are working excelent.

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