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    Unanswered: Dynamic Reports Subtotals;en-us;328320

    is a link to a really good way to produce dynamic reports in access using CrossTab Queries as a source.

    Does anyone have experience with these??

    My question pertains to the subtotals produced in the report footer sections. The numbers are being rounded off to the nearest whole number. Can this be formatted to the nearest tenth?? I suspect it's related to datatypes in the code.

    This is for a report for Payroll hours based on Calendar Date on the column fields and the employees as the row headings. Values are hours to the nearest tenth being added.

    I'd like to see the totals in the footer section being totaled accurately to the nearest tenth instead of the nearest integer.

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    Check the Text Box Controls:
    On the text box containing the sub total, check the properties and make sure the Format is General Number and the Decimal Places is 1

    If the value is coming from a query, check the same properties of the fields in the source query.

    hope this helps,

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