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    Database Redesign

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Hello, my name is Peter Taylor, from Australia.
    I have a database (Access 2000) and I am trying to redesign it. I just haven't any idea on how to go about either adding an extra table or so, or modifying existing tables. I just don't know. This is for an underlying VB 6 project. You could say the missing link, but the most difficult task. If anyone could assist me, I would be for ever grateful. It could be very simple, but unfortunately not for me. My e-mail address is

    Kind regards

    Peter Taylor

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    Greetings Peter!

    I'm a bit confused... Do you have questions, are you looking to hire a consultant, or something completely different?


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    Dear Pat
    Thank you for your quick reply. That's a good question. Just general help, and the only way I suppose for that to happen is to post the database forward. Where that leads, I really don't know? That would be up to the others to decide.

    Regards Peter Taylor

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