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Thread: circular file

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    Question Unanswered: circular file

    Hi all ,

    i want to know what is a circular file in Linux ? and does this kind of file exists ? and how to create it ?


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    Question mkfifo

    hi all ,
    i have an oracle database and i want user not to block the table while doing update or insert and others will wait till they finish.

    i thought of a FIFO file , that i can create under Linux , where i can put all the transactions there and i will not lock the users from work ..
    this fifo file , will face IN and OUT pointers , one is used to read and the other to write .
    the transactions will be executed one by one and i will not have lock or freeze system .

    can i achieve that with mkfifo in Linux ?
    am i using the right commands and is it true what i thought doing ?

    tx for ur replies.

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