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    Unanswered: Migrate form stand alone to clustered server

    Here is the scenario:
    We have an existing production non clustered SQL 2000 server instance that we need to migrate to a new clustered SQL 2000 server instance. We need to accomplish this without affecting the FQDN that applications use to call this server. I found this article on a solution to rename the server after an xcopy of the entire db structure. Here is the link The other issue that we are trying to resolve is the time it takes for the snapshots of replication to run (in our case almost a full day). That is why this approach looked like it may be a good solution for us.

    Here is the question:
    Is it possible to move our existing database to a new clustered environment without having to change the FQDN that other applications use to access this database and without having to reinitialize replication?

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    The link you posted could work. But, the problem is in the drive letters and the folders.

    The problem is that for a clustered server the data drives need to be shared in the cluster. The concern that I would have is the drive letters that you used for your current SQL server would not match the Clustered SQL server drives.

    But, if you can match the drive letters then copying the data is not a problem.

    But I can't stress this enough, using the method described on that web page to change the SQL server name will not work for a Clustered SQL Server.

    I would suggest reading the following:

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