I' ve got a problem with making an offline cube using AS2005 and Excel.
There are 3 basic measusre ("N", "Total" and "Estimation") and 1 calculated measure ("Percent").

For not calculated measures an aggregation formula is:

iif([Measures].CurrentMember is [Measures].[N],[WYNIKI].[WYNIKI].CurrentMember.LastChild, iif([Measures].CurrentMember is [Measures].[Total], [WYNIKI].[WYNIKI].CurrentMember.LastChild, [WYNIKI].[WYNIKI].CurrentMember.Children.item(1)-[WYNIKI].[WYNIKI].CurrentMember.Children.item(2)))

It works well under AS 2005 Browser and in Excel PivotTable connected online to the AS 2005. However, when making a local cube, aggregation data disapeares as well as data for all aggregated leaves.

When a formula is not conditional, for example:
everything is ok.

Maybe someone knows where is the problem.