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    Unanswered: Pervasive sql queries on Lytec 2005???

    I would like to run sql queries on Lytec 2005 which uses a Pervasive V8.x database. When I go into the control center, I can access some demo databases fine, but my medical practice files are password protected. I assume these were locked by Lytec during initial install as I can't find the password/userid's.

    An old knowledge base article on Lytec shows how to find the password/userid, but the depicted option is not available on my 2005 version.

    Is it possible to use MySQL or Microsoft SQL to access this? (sorry if this question is stupid!)

    I'd appreciate any thoughts/exerpience on this!

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    You won't be able to access the data using any engine other than the Pervasive engine.
    You'll need to talk to Lytec to get the user/password in order to use ODBC.
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    I've changed mine, but the case sensitive defaults are:

    Userid: Admin
    psswd: Password

    Thanks for your help!

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