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    Unanswered: RS - designing reports

    How can I design reports for Reporting Services without using Visual Studio.NET?
    I have an SQL Server 2000 with RS but I dont have a tool for designing reports.
    Thx for help

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    I don't know of any way to design reports for Microsoft Reporting Services without using a Visual Studio .NET client. This has never been a huge problem since the release of SQL 2005, since it includes the Visual Studio .NET code as part of the installation.


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    I have seen demonstrated (but never actually tried myself) capabilities in the new RS 2005 for an entirely web based report designer. There are some limitations (some features that are available in a Studio designed report are not available in a web desgined report). There is also a caveat that once a user modifies a report using the web tool, it can no longer be maintained in Studio.

    However, all of this is limited to the new 2005 version. So far as I know, the 2000 version design tools are limited to VS users.


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