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    Unanswered: 'No Results Returned'


    I recently hit a snag in developing an intranet for my company. I'm running off a Windows Server 2003 with ASP.Net 1.1 and Front Page Server Extensions 2002 added on the application server side. IIS 6.0

    My problem centers around databases results not returning on any .asp page i create in front page 2002.

    When i set up the database link, the connection is verified, but when i save and navigate to the page, all i get is "no results returned"...instead of a list of 350 records. It's INFURIATING!

    what's more is that it works in the other direction. If i create an .asp page to SEND form information TO a database located on the server...everything works fine. it's only getting information to return.

    Anyone run into this? I'm the first to admit my Web design skills are okay but my Web Server Development skills are sub-par. I'm thinking it's something on the permission or security side in the server but i've triple checked everything.

    any help is greatly appreciated

    P.S. Sharepoint services? someone told me that you have to exclude certain sites in that.

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    A corrupt version of Front Page 2002 was the problem. Tried the .asp build on another machine and it worked fine.

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