Dear All,

I create a database that must store Greek chars and Latin 1.

for that I have created my database ( in Informix Dynamic Server 2000 Version 9.21.TC4 running in Windows) and setting both DB & CLIENT Locales to EN_US.UTF8.

When I use a client application that uses the Informix .net driver (vers 2.81) to execute the following statement:
insert into temp (desc1) values 'σδαφαΗΞΚΛΠΟΙΘΥΤΡΕ΅σηξκκλ΄ζχψωβνμ');

The following error occurs:
[21005 - HY000 - [Informix .NET provider]Unspecified System Error = -21005.]

Executing the following statement everything works fine.
insert into temp (desc1) values('aasdasda');

If I try the same but with a java client (Server Studio JE) this problem does not occurs!

Could someone help me? Any ideas?