I am trying to create a new user to be used as the sysadm for my db2instance. I have DB2 V7 on an AIX server. I have added the new user, NEWUSER1 to the group specified in the SYSADM_GROUP in the dbm cfg. I am able to start and stop the instance, connect to the database and perform database backups using NEWUSER1. However, when I try to perform a 'db2 update dbm cfg using diaglevel 4', I receive the following error: SQL1092N "" does not have the authority to perform the requested command. I suspect this is a file permission problem somewhere. Can someone possibly give me a starting point? The current instance owner is OLDUSER1. In the /home/NEWUSER1 directory, I have a symbolic links as such: /home/NEWUSER1/.profile => /homeOLDUSER1/.profile
and /home/NEWUSER1/db2 => /home/OLDUSER1/db2 and /home/NEWUSER1/sqllib => /home/OLDUSER1/sqllib

For the life of me, I can't figure out what I am missing. I would appreciate any help.
PS..I've also recycled the instance numerous times. Thanks