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    Unanswered: Pervasive DB-restore


    are the following steps a good approach to restore a Pervasive DB SQL v 8.6 (on W2K3)?

    - telling the users to stop "accessing" the db and quitting the db-client/apps

    - shutdown the db with net stop "Pervasive SQL (relational)" and
    net stop "Pervasive SQL (transactional)"

    - and restore the necessary files e.g. with a backup-software

    - restart the db with net start "Pervasive SQL (relational)" and
    net start "Pervasive SQL (transactional)"

    Or can that be done more easier and reliable with the Pervasive
    Backup Agent?

    Thank's a lot for any tip,


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    That's the way you need to restore data files. Backup Agent is designed for creating Backups not restoring them.
    To restore a backup, you'll need to stop the engines.
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