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    Question Unanswered: How to turn on USEREXIT? Please help...

    I need to enable archiving with userexit turn ON.
    How can I do that?

    Log retain for recovery enabled (LOGRETAIN) = RECOVERY
    User exit for logging enabled (USEREXIT) = OFF

    I issued 'db2 update cfg for <db> using USEREXIT ON'.
    It was successfully executed but when I checked the cfg file, USEREXIT is still OFF. Can someone please kindly walk me thru the steps to turn on USEREXIT?

    Thank you in advance.

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    some db parameters take effect after datbase is 'bounced'; you have to force everybody off the database; then the next connection brings the new configuration in. If this does not work and If you ACTIVATEd the database you have to DEACTIVATE it.

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    If you are using DB2 8.2 (8.1 with FP 7 or higher) then I would look at the LOGARCHMETH1 db parm before you use the userexit.
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