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    Unanswered: Excel 97/Macro 4.0

    I created a worksheet with a formula, in Excel 97 (or possibly earlier), and saved it on floppy and hard drive. The floppy then goes to another computer (Bloomberg) which is Windows XP and Excel 2003 and grabs all the data to fill in the worksheet. The filled-in worksheet is then saved on floppy and taken back to original computer and viewed. If the floppy goes to a computer that is running Windows 2000 and Excel 2003 (or if the file is emailed from original computer to computer running Windows 2000 and Excel 2003) it cannot be opened. Excel 97 asks if want to enable macros (yes) then if want to update (no). Excel 2003 says "this workbook contains one or more links that cannot be updated." and has "#NAME?" in the cells.

    If I open the file in Excel 97 and try to disable the macro I get a message saying that the macro was a Microsoft Excel version 4.0 macro and cannot be turned off.

    Sample of formula:
    ='C:\blp\api\dde\Blp.xla'!BLP(C124&" equity","bid")

    Does the formula need to be rewritten? Visual Basic?


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    Howdy. Probably the macro was not written in XL 97, but XL 95 in which VB 4 was used. XL 97 used VB 5. It might be that your only recourse is to re-write the macro using XL 97. But if it is not required in 97 anymore, then completely re-write in 2000/2003.
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