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    Unanswered: Open record in form from list box

    I have a list box and I wanted to put a command button to open a form up to the record or records that are selected. I have tried a few different things that just arent working. Including trying the wizard, it only pulls up a new record in the form.


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    ok, you said "record or records" implying that you are using a multi select list box. The "value" of a multi select list box is always null. To access the selected values, there's a collection, called ItemSelected or something similar, which is enumerated with the selected values.

    To have your form display records that match one of the multiple values selected in your list box, you have to use a loop on each item in the selection collection to create a SQL where clause with each item seperated by "OR", apply that as the form filter and turn filter on.

    Each of these items can be found in the help file.

    Good luck,

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