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    Unanswered: Oracle 9i Database

    Hi ,

    I want to upgrade oracle 8.1.6 to Oracle 9i can you please confirm the followings...

    Any conflict with windows 2000 server with Service Pack 4
    Any conflict with the server machine (x series 235 -[86712AZ] 1995 Mhz
    Any issue regarding ODBC
    Any specific criteria for performance tuning.
    Any limitation due to Oracle database 9i
    Reliability of Oracle database 9i
    Parallel running of oracle 9i and oracle 8i
    Expected errors in the database along with their reasons.
    Expected registry errors along with their reasons and remedies.
    Expected system errors along with their reasons and remedies.
    Thanking in advance.

    Best Regards

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    The one thing to watch out for is the optimizer changes. I would recommend 10g over 9i if you can as you may find you have to retune a lot of queries otherwise. For more info on the optimizer changes I would strongly recommend getting Jonathan Lewis's book on the optimizer.


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    no problems, I would go straight to 10g rel2.........plenty of new features which makes life much easier such as ASM, ADDM, AWR, DBCONSOLE, DATAPUMP, AUTOMATED stats collection and plenty of other new features.

    ps. read the readme.txt, secondly test in your test environment and finally there is only one way to find out!!

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    If you follow Mr. AlanP's advice and go to 10g, due to the fact a lot of initialization parameters have been deprecated, I would recommend creating a 10g database and migrating the data from 8i with exp/imp utilities (if possible).

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