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    Unanswered: data propagator between different db2 versions

    i'm running IBM db2 v8.2 on a main frame to capture data and running db2 v7 on an apply server so what i'm asking about whether i can run data propagator to make replication between different db2 versions or i have to use the same db2 version on the capture and apply servers

    thans a lot for your help,and i realy appreciate your reply.

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    Please refer to documentation on compatibiltiy between the said two versions ..

    If the control tables have changed, then you can do run capture and apply on the same server and use apply 'push' configuration, instead of the recommended pull ... As the apply program does 'plain' SQL, this will work

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    thank you sathyaram_S for your reply...
    but could you provide me with the link to find this documentation..?i've searched too much and didn't find them...

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