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    Unanswered: refresh chart data.

    From my access DB I am exportin/transfering a table to excel. It refreshes the existing data in the sheet with that table name. Now, I have a graph on a different sheet that refereces data on the sheet I just updated. When I open the workbook, the chart still contains the data from the old sheet. In order to get the chart to reflect he new data, I need to go into each row of the data that was changed and update a value.
    Is there any way to have the data automatically refreshed?
    I'm using Excel 2003.

    Thanks for any help!
    Ron G.

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    Isn't there a rule about putting the same quesiton across multiple sections of the forum? This waste people's time when they open the same question over and over

    ne ways ... from that other post ...

    May sure the data you are exporting is of the type you used to create the chart in the first place.

    For instance, if you have numbers in your Access table cells, but the data type is text, it will be text when it is exported to Excel, and the values will not reflect in the chart. If you export a table from Access into a spreadsheet in a workbook, and the datatype is exactly the same, the chart will be updated when you open the workbook. I just tried it.

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