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    Question Not sure which forum?

    Umm...I was DBA before so used dbforums a am a sys admin and need help in unix shell scripting and perl scripting...pretty much not related to databases.....
    But i like dbforums a looooot so i came back...any idea which one wud b the most apt forum for my topic of interest?


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    depends on what you are actually experienced in, or what your are expereincing problems in - it could be the db engine(s) you have or are using, it could be let me see know, oooh oooh how about "Unix Shell Scripts" (10th item in the 'Data Access, Manipulation & Batch Languages') looks a likely contender......
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    I'd probably hit Unix Shell Scripts for Unix shell scripting, and Perl and the DBI for Perl scripting if I were you. I'm still trying to figure out how you missed these if you've looked at the forum top level before.


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