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    Unanswered: raiserror syntax in sybase for procedure returning No Data


    Does anyone know the error number, syntax to use in Sybase?

    For SQL Server, the following works:

    RAISERROR ('No data found today for the GetOOHHedgeFundTrades Report.',16,1) WITH SETERROR

    I am not sure about how to use this in Sybase.

    Many Thanks

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    Sybtax in Sybase is :

    RAISERROR error-number [ format-string ] [, arg-list]

    ex :
    RAISERROR 99999 'Invalid entry for this column: %1!', @val

    U can also create user defined error message which is use by RAISERROR or Print. user-defined message must be 20000 or greater

    To create user defined message use following :

    CREATE MESSAGE message-number
    ... AS 'message-text'

    Same thing u can achieve by sp_addmessage SP also. like this :

    sp_addmessage message_num, message_text
    [, language [, with_log [, replace]]]

    Ex :
    sp_addmessage 25001,
    "There is already a remote user named '%1!'
    for remote server '%2!'."

    raiserror 25001, jane, myserver

    Hope this will help u.

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