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    Red face Unanswered: Wiped out accounts now cant access db?

    Please can anyone shed light onto this:

    Using a database in work i went in as administrator and whilst in the userlogins section of the DB i cleared
    the passwords. Now this is stoppign anyone entering the database, when clicking on the database it goes straight to a message saying you dont have permissions get admin or creator to give you some. I have tried an system restore and a backup restore but nothing.

    The database in question is made of a backend, front end and a security end which is MDW file.

    Please any suggestions, i'm very desperate


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    I hate MS Access Security!

    With MS Security, the .mdw file is your culprit ... did you try restoring THAT from a backup? It handles security for the database. If you restore the .mdb AND the .mdw, you should be back where you started.

    You might read this little tidbit to get a better handle on what to do with Access Security when you dare to brave those waters again:

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