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    Just Joined

    I just joined today. I am 2 weeks away from graduation. I have been working toward my AS degree for 3 years. I have had many obstacles along the way but this is my final stretch.
    I am working on designing a hotel db and I hope I can get some help while keeping my content "original" and doing the work myself.
    I am A+ Certified and plan to continue learning long past graduation.
    My dream is to design a professional looking website. I have taken web design classes but my course load and busy life have kept me from sinking my teeth into designing a site. I have used Adobe Go Live but I am seriously considering taking a Dreamweaver course.
    In addition to Access, I have take an intro to db class using mySQL.

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    Nov 2003
    Sussex, England
    I am A+ Certified and plan to continue learning long past graduation
    Most of my technical knowledge came before and after my CIS Degree course, not that I learnt nothing doing my degree, it's just that without the academic constraints I was able to focus more on the aspects that either interested me or I needed for work.

    Good luck, and welcome.

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