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    Unanswered: Serial Database

    Hey all, I'm new to these forums. I am an owner of a medium business and have a volume licensing contract with microsoft. I'm getting annoyed with having to keep track of all of the peices of paper with the keys on it. I'm looking to create a program where I can enter all of my serials into a single program that will cycle through them so I can keep them on my flash drive for easy access, instead of risk loosing all of my serial numbers on my papers. THIS IS IN NO WAY a keygen of any sort, it is just a program for my business PCs. Can anyone help me with a toturial for going about this?

    I'm sure you've all seen a keygen, right? I need it to be a small stand-alone program like that. HELP!

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    it would be very simple to cretae a db that handled the storage of serials, and then retreive the ones you need through a search facility or whatever...

    the only problem i forsee, is if you use access to build the db, you will need access on all of the machines that you intend to run it.

    I did here that microsoft did create a dev kit for access where you could create a standalone db that ran as an .exe, but it is like gold-dust. So with access you are limited to creating .mdb and .mde files.

    You may be better searching the internet for a different package that allows the creation of .exe databases, i'm almost certain it is possible to do it with Visual Basic, but I wouldn't be sure how to go about it.

    If you need any help creating an access db, i could help talk you through it/create a small template, but like i mentioned above, it wouldn't be standalone.

    Hope thats of some help to you.


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