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    Unanswered: Unable to restore the database backup


    I took the backup of a database (called students) from one of the machine on our LAN and then tried to restore it on another machine but am unable to restore the database. Below are some details of the problem I am facing:

    - The machine on which I am trying to restore the database (i.e. target box) previously had a database by the same name (no it was not a replica). I had deleted this database from the target box before trying to restore the database (of the same name and which was backed-up from the source box)

    - When trying to restore (via EM) I get a VERY LONG dialog box with lots of details. Below are some details of what this dialog box says:

    The title of the database is MS SQL-DMO (ODBC SQL State: 42000) and It says "The physical name 'C:\Program Files\.....\data\students.mdf' may be incorrect. File 'students_Data' cannot be restored to 'C:\Program Files\.....\data\students.mdf'. Use with MOVE to identify a valid location for this file.

    And the dialog box provides similar details related to 'students.ldf'

    Can u please help me with this.

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