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    Unanswered: Hotel db Looking for feedback

    I am working on a hotel db for a final project.
    Here are specs and what I have set up so far.
    1.Hotel: 5 rooms; 4 have ten rooms each. Second floor has tea room. First floor is for lobby and office
    2. Tea room: cash only. Charges made must go to room
    3. Check in time = 1:00 p.m.
    4. Insure staff is alerted if room is not ready.
    5. Room categories must be changed easily
    6. Maintain info on reservations and room charges.

    Work done so far:

    Guest(GuestID[PK], LN, FN, Address, city, State, Zip, TN, RoomID[FK])

    Hotel Rooms(RoomID[PK], Room Type, Rate, Location ID(eg: floor number), Handicap Accessible y/N, Pool View Y/N, Court Yard View y/N, ResID[FK]

    Reservation(ResID[PK], Arrival Date, Departure Date, RoomID[FK])

    Tea Room(BeverageType[PK], Food Item, Charge, RoomID[FK])

    Beverages are fixed at one price, Food Items fixed at one price)

    How does this look so far?


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    Looks fine. Question: Can the guest ever come back to the hotel again (make another reservation in the future)?

    Hint: Take a look at your 1st listed table ... And answer that.
    Back to Access ... ADO is not the way to go for speed ...

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