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    Unanswered: Hadr??

    Hi Everybody

    I am auditing one of our servers...and some of the findings straight from DB CFG:

    DB2 UDB v8.2, Fixpak 7, Windows XP

    First Log archive method(LOGARCHMETH1) : OFF
    Second Log archive method(LOGARCHMETH2) : OFF
    LOGRETAIN : off
    HADR database role : STANDARD
    HADR timeout value(HADR_TIMEOUT) : 120
    HADR log write synchronization mode : NEARSYNC
    Automatic database backup(AUTO_DB_BACKUP): ON

    I checked up the db2diag.log and history to check for the last backup image which is like way back in Jan'06 which is loacted on the same drive.(not using TSM, don't know if they are backing up on some other drive) No schedules exists in DB2 (Tools catalog has not been configured) or Windows Scheduler considering the fact that Auto_db_backup is set to ON.Though Health Monitor is generating alerts that backup and RUNSTATS required.

    Now my question is:
    1. Is there a way to find out if backups are taken on some other drive, or if using any external software like Veritas.

    2. Since HADR feature is enabled, does that makes sure that database can be recovered from the standby database server considering the fact that LOGRETAIN AND USEREXIT are both turned OFF.

    3. I know this for sure that for the logs to be copied automatically to the standby USEREXIT should be enabled,right?

    4. How do I get to know that the hot and standby are synchronized.

    I know these are lot of questions but all of them are interconnected...let me know if you need any clarification on any of the questions.

    Hope I get some help to clear my confusion.

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    HADR is not activated when HADR database role is STANDARD.

    If you run a snaphot on the database, you will see HADR status (should be in Peer state if HADR is working properly) and you can see log positions on both the primary and standby database (sometimes there is a temporary difference in the log positions, so don't be alarmed). If you don't see any HADR information in the snapshot, then HADR is not configured.

    db2 get snapshot for db on db-name

    BTW, I would strongly recommend that you upgrade to FP 11. There have been over 1200 APAR's fixed since the FP 7 (the first release of DB2 8.2).
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