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    Unanswered: Help with populating Table

    I have a form that uses a requery macro to populate all the fields after the user types in an account number. All the fields are linked to a separate table, but unless I click on each field individually the information doesn't populate to the second table. Nothing I've tried seems to work. Any help would be appreciated.


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    In the Unload event for your Form (assuming you are only working with one record in your Form) enter this line:

    DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord

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    Still having the same problem...

    It's still doing the same thing. I input my account number, click the command button to run the requery , the rest of my fields populate from table 1 onto the form. Then I go to the next record or exit the form.

    When I look at my table 2 only the account number I typed is actually saved. Unless I click individually on the fields. Then if I open table 2 all of the fields will have the appropiate information.

    So it's populating correctly it just won't see the information to populate unless I manually give focus to the fields after they have been updated in the form.

    I've tried the Getfocus command but even thought it moves the cursor to the field it won't transfer the information to table 2 until I physically click on it.

    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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