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    Unanswered: Help with sum

    i have a 2 fields that contain the prcoeeds on a loan. One is projected and the other is actual. when displaying the loans if the acutal = 0 then display projected else display actual. this is shown in the details section. In the group footer i want to show a sum of what is diplayed. the formula i have right now is:

    WhilePrintingRecords ;
    If ({R_fcsale_IFS.FC_Actual_Proceeds}=0)
    then currencyVar x := x + {R_fcsale_IFS.FC_Proj_Proceeds}
    currencyVar x := x + {R_fcsale_IFS.FC_Actual_Proceeds}

    the formula for the display is ..
    If ({R_fcsale_IFS.FC_Actual_Proceeds}=0) then ToText ({R_fcsale_IFS.FC_Proj_Proceeds}) + " P"
    else ToText ({R_fcsale_IFS.FC_Actual_Proceeds}) + " A"

    why does my formula display $0.00 and how can i fix it?

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    What field are you grouping on?

    I set a report to do this and it worked for me.
    Here's what I did:

    I set up a test table like this:
    ID	FC_Actual_Proceeds	FC_Projected_Proceeds
    1	$11,500.00		$11,000.00
    2	$10,500.00		$10,000.00
    3	$5,500.00		$5,000.00
    I created a formula, ChosenActualProceeds, and grouped on that:

    If {tb_FC_Proceeds.FC_Actual_Proceeds} = 0 Then
        ToText({tb_FC_Proceeds.FC_Projected_Proceeds}) + " P"
        ToText({tb_FC_Proceeds.FC_Actual_Proceeds}) + " A"
    and ChosenActualSummary, which I put in the Group Footer:

    If ({tb_FC_Proceeds.FC_Actual_Proceeds})=0 Then 
        currencyVar cCumProceeds := cCumProceeds + {tb_FC_Proceeds.FC_Projected_Proceeds}
        currencyVar cCumProceeds := cCumProceeds + {tb_FC_Proceeds.FC_Actual_Proceeds}
    My ChosenActualSummary = $27,000.00

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