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    My client has an application (it is a dental practice management app) that is .net-based using MSAccess database files. Recently, it has started "hanging", requiring users to reboot their machines... sometimes as many as 4-8 times a day... Our database files, shared on a file server range in size from 200MB-500MB...

    I think our server, workstations, switch, etc... are good enough, but I have about 22 users who are beating-the-stew out of this application all day long. The application-developer says it must be our network config/switch/server/workstations, but I say their application and backend database is not resilient enough to handle the daily grind or 20+ users banging on an MSAccess backend...

    This vendor also says there is nothing to "tweak" their application, MSAccess backend, or anything else. I'm pulling my hair out... Do any of you know ANYTHING at all I can try? I have changed switches, ran wire across the floor (to eliminate wiring problems), checked/re-checked server utilization,etc... can't find anything wrong... Is there something "hidden" I could change (buffers, etc) in the .net or MSAccess world that could at least give me a break... My desktops get "Application Hang" errors.. but this is only when running this dental practice application... Really squirrel-E... KWIM?

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    if you are sure you setup is correct, I'd be tempted to ask your vendors to supply details of customers with a similar OR larger number of concurrent users. it may be that you are blowing the effective limits of JET.

    Im surprised that they are using JET as MSDE is freely avaialble to developers.

    personally it sounds to me as if they haven't designed the application effectively to handle the number of users you have.
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