Multiple desktop icons in Explorer.
Explorer folders tree view corruption.
Explorer folder panel multiple images.


I know this may not be the correct place to put this info but the more it is passed about the quicker everyone will find this solution.

There’s a bug in Windows XP Explorer (I think SP2 but may be SP1). After any files are changed or added to any disk-drive, the ‘Folders Panel’ in Explorer may become corrupted displaying multiple icons with the same name in the tree-view. The icons are usually named ‘Desktop’ (because this is the first node in the tree-view). Closing the Folders panel and reopening it just makes the problem worse with some icons not having any name.

From what I have found on the net, the only workaround is has follows:

The error is caused by the XP ToolBars. Mainly the option that allows you to show desktop items on the XP Start Bar.

Right Click on a blank area of the start bar. Select Toolbars from the popup menu (first item in the list). Uncheck the Desktop option. Then close all explorer windows and reopen them.

I know this is only a workaround. I now tend to use ‘Windows-Key + D’ now to minimise all windows. Select the icon from the desktop I need and ‘Windows-Key + D’ again to restore all the windows that had been minimised.

Investigating this error, has lead me to believe that the following applications may have something to do with it:

USB Memory-Stick drivers / USB Multi Card Reader drivers. The problem seem to appear when I got my first USB Memory-Stick.

iTunes Installation. Why does this install with Quick-time. It may have nothing to do with it but it seems the problem appeared about the same time I installed Quick-time and it installed iTunes all over the place. iTunes adds an entry to my start-menu Toolbars. So I would not be surprised if it has something to do with it too.

Anyway, please pass this on. And a big thank-you to the original poster who found the workaround (sorry I lost the URL).