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    Question Unanswered: "ODBC --Call Failed" exception from a linked Access table?

    Hello, everyone!

    I've written a neat little app in Visual C# that connects to an MSAccess 2003 database. Because of the really great functionality of ADO.NET, I was able to circumvent a lot of the concurrent connection limitations of Access by using DataSets - alas, I was only delaying the inevitable transition to SQL Server 2000

    Since the internal dataset fills in my C# app are written for OLE, and since I've already configured it to connect to the Access database, I was really hoping that I could just use a linked table to the exported data on SQL Server. However, when I did just this, I got a "ODBC --Call Failed" unhandled exception in my application when I tried to make a simple change and save it back to the database - no other descriptive error numbers or anything.

    - The changes I made do not propogate, so the MSKB regarding ODBC and cursors isn't the solution

    - I did remember to set a PK when I exported from Access to SQL Server 2000 - darn data services [grumble grumble]

    - It's {most likely?} not a permissions issue; I'm in as Administrator, with the ODBC connection set up to use NT Authentication

    - I've got SQL Server 2000 running SP3a as well as the latest version of JET running on my 2k3 Server

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    when I tried to make a simple change table structure or to data?

    if table structure: delete the link(s) to the modified table(s) and relink.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    Quote Originally Posted by izyrider table structure or to data?
    To data. Specifically, I added a period to a comment field - when I said simple, I really did mean simple

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