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    Unanswered: SharePoint Configuration & SQL Express - Error 4060

    While trying to "Set Configuration Database Server" for Windows SharePoint Services I receive the error:
    "Cannot open database "SharePoint" requested by the login.
    The login failed. (Error code: 4060)

    I set up a test bed server 'SNET' with WinServer03 SP1, IIS 6. SQL Server Express, and SharePoint Services.

    In "Set Configuration Database Server" I used:
    Database server: snet\sqlexpress
    SQL Server database name: SharePoint (I know real imaginative)
    Database connection type: * Use Windows authentication
    X Connect to existing configuration database.

    If I try "Use SQL Authentication"
    "Login failed for user <username>. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection. (Error code: 18452)"

    First let me say that while I'm not a newbie, as usual I've bitten off more than I can chew comfortably. Server '03, Active Directory, IIS 6, SQLExpress, and SharePoint are all relatively new to me, hence the test bed server, and I'm on a pretty steep learning curve.

    But what's life without a challenge.

    So the short and sweet of it is can somebody point me in the right direction to find the root cause of this error. I do have other programs running with this instance of SQLExpress and doing so quite happily. And I've given myself god privileges in AD just to try to get around this.

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    Basic checkup is to ensure user is authenticated to connect to the database.
    If you’re connecting to a network by means of TCP/IP, named pipes, or remote procedure call (RPC), the Windows Firewall will block the ability of the database to connect to the network. You should not have a problem because the network and SQL Browser technology are already turned off by default.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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