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    Unanswered: A pid in the ASE won't die

    We monitar our server with a 3-rd party software called Embarcadero DBArtisan.
    on it it gives us a real-time idea of what is occoring on the database
    also allows us to execute sql statements and such
    today i notice that our hourly transaction log is not dumping
    it is due to at process that "hung" out there so to speak
    anyway, the kill (pid) does not work.
    any suggestions?

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    Something similar happened once to me. As turned out the process was in a 'sleeping' state I believe. What happened was that it was waiting for a worker thread to come back saying it had completed its work so that the hung process could continue... that thread had been killed. So it was orphaned and was waiting indefinately and would not die. Sybase recommended a reboot to kill the process.

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